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Empowering Change, Inspiring Innovation and Leading Transformation

The Australian Impact Group is a dynamic organisation dedicated to empowering businesses, schools, and government entities to embrace change and innovation.

Led by experienced leader Miranda Mears, the group offers a range of advisory services and program development in key areas such as digital transformation, innovation, governance, cyber security, digital skills development and critical technologies.

The group consists of several arms dedicated to specific focus areas and includes: Australian Impact Group, FutureSkills4U, CyberSense, LevelUp and Mindset Matters.

  • Program Design
  • Business Growth Advisory Services
  • Programme Management
  • Cyber Security Governance
  • Training and Skills Development

Current Programs

Current Programs

FutureSkills4U Digital Skills Program

The Regional and Rural QLD Digital Skills Program is a Queensland Government Initiative that provides FREE digital training to Regional and Rural Queenslanders through the Go 1 platform.  

Digital skills training brings with it a world of possibilities. Demand for people with digital skills is creating great opportunities to establish long-term, fulfilling careers. A job in digital can open the door to a secure, well paid and respected career.  

We work through schools, incubation hubs, chambers of commerce and directly with individuals and businesses.   

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Current PRograms

Extended Disc

Extended DISC is a behavioural assessment tool that measures and analyses an individual's natural (unconscious) and adapted (conscious) behavioural styles. It helps individuals and organisations gain insights into their personality traits, communication preferences, strengths, and areas for development.

Extended DISC assessments are often used for personal and professional development, team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

This tool provides practical insights that can be immediately applied to improve interactions, enhance motivation, and promote better understanding among team members and colleagues. 

We provide a range of programs for entrepreneurs, founders and teams to improve performance, cohesion and strategy based upon self awareness.